Specialty Welding Services

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  • Tower welding; we have tower technicians that are certified welders.
  • Portable field welding, rig welder, shop welding.
  • Stick welding, MIG welding, TIG welding (heliarc).
  • ASME sec 9 Pipe and pressure vessel.
  • Carbon steel, chromoly, alloy steels, hard face, wear surfacing, stainless steels.
  • AWS D1.1-D1.2 structual seel and structural aluminum.
  • Aluminum bussing, aluminum bus duct, substation bussing, aluminum wound transformer repair.
  • Aluminum pressure vessel; we can weld many grades of aluminum without porosity or pinholes common in aluminum welding.


Certification of welds is specific to a welding procedure. Our welders have certified for some of the most stringent welding procedures. For more information about welding certification, certified welders or qualified welders click here.